Winners of the 2015 Spectrum Awards

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You know how much I love gemstones. So of course the annual Spectrum Awards design competition sponsored by the American Gem Trade Association is my favorite jewelry design competition. The best part is that the AGTA offers editors and bloggers a chance to see all the great designs entered each year, not just the winners.  This means we all get to pick our favorite designs: sometimes from the table of winners and sometimes not.

Undeniably the 2014 Spectrum Award winning jewelry and the 2013 Spectrum Award winning designs were spectacular.  How do the top 2015 Spectrum Award winners compare? You be the judge.

In a bit of deja vu, the Best of Show winner this year is Leon Mege for a cabochon Paraiba tourmaline ring. The designer’s (more spectacular in my opinion) cabochon Paraiba tourmaline ring won best evening wear in the 2014 Spectrum Awards.

This Paraiba tourmaline ring won best of show at the 2015 Spectrum Awards

My favorite of the winners this year are the spectacular Anemone Earrings by Dierdre Featherstone of Featherstone designs with tanzanites, blue zircons, purple sapphires, tsavorite garnets, indigo tourmalines, Paraiba tourmalines, and diamonds by Deirdre Featherstone, Featherstone Design which win Best Bridal Jewelry and Best Use of Platinum and Color.

Spectrum Award winning earrings by Dierdre Featherstone of Featherstone Designs


This carved turquoise and amethyst ring by Jennifer Rabe Morin of Gregoré Joailliers wins for best business/day wear.

Ring by Ring in 18k rose gold with 29 ct. carved turquoise and 14 cts. t.w. amethysts by Jennifer Rabe Morin, Gregoré Joailliers


This pastel spinel bracelet by Maria Canale in a lovely combination of  colors wins for best evening wear.

Spinel bracelet by Maria Canale

The Venus Bracelet by Paula Crevoshay, freshwater pearls accented by pink and green tourmalines wins Best Use of Color.

Sprectrum Award winning bracelet by Paula Crevoshay

This necklace by Naomi Sarna with white cultured pearls and pink diamonds wins best use of pearls.

Pearl necklace by Naomi Sarna

The most inexplicable winner to me is Fashion Forward, which went to this design by Ion Ionescu of Ionescu Design for a ring set with turquoise, Tahitian pearl, Paraiba tourmalines, and diamonds.  Fasten your seat belts.


Spectrum Award winning ring by Ionesu Designs

So what do you think of this year’s winners?  I’ll show you the designs I think should have won but didn’t in a post later this week. (I can’t ever resist, can I?)

Meanwhile here’s a full list of the 2015 Spectrum Award Winners. Congratulations to all the designers!

 Bridal Wear

1st Place: Deirdre Featherstone, Featherstone Design

2nd Place and Manufacturing Honors: Laurence Bruyninckx

3rd Place and Platinum Honors: Michael Endlich, Pave Fine Jewelry

Entry Platinum Innovation: Susan Drake, Spectrum Art & Jewelry

Gem Diva Award: Suzanne Kalandjian, Suzanne Kalan

Honorable Mention: Bella Campbell, Campbellian

Business/ Day Wear

1st Place: Jennifer Rabe Morin, Gregore Joailliers

2nd Place and Gem Diva Award: Elizabeth Garvin, Elizabeth Garvin Fine

3rd Place: Heath London, Heath London Jewelry

Platinum Honors: Phillip Dismuke, Jewelsmith

Manufacturing Honors: Ryan Roberts, Ryan Roberts, Ltd.


1st Place: Leon Mege, Leon Mege, Inc.

2nd Place: Heena Chheda, Real Gems, Inc.

3rd Place: Evelyn Huang, China Art & Fine Jewelry, Inc.

Platinum Honors: Rex McClure, Sohn & McClure Jewelers

Entry Platinum Innovation: Mimi Favre, Mimi Favre Studio

Gem Diva Award: Caroline Chartuni, Caroline C

Manufacturing Honors: Deirdre Featherstone, Featherstone Design

Evening Wear

1st Place and Gem Diva Award: Maria Canale, Suna Bros. Inc.

2nd Place: Erica Courtney, Erica Courtney, Inc.

3rd Place: Gil, Gil International

Platinum Honors: Cara Becker Lichtenstein, My Blue Heaven

Manufacturing Honors: Linda Quinn, Linda Quinn Designs

Honorable Mention: Wendy Brandes, Wendy Brandes Jewelry

Men’s Wear

1st Place: Dawn Muscio, D. Muscio Fine Jewelry Studio

2nd Place: Mark Schneider, Mark Schneider Design

3rd Place: Michael Kanners, Michael Kanners

Platinum Honors: Naomi Sarna, Naomi Sarna Designs

Honorable Mention: William Travis, William Travis Jewelry


Classic Cut Gemstones

1st Place: Allen Kleiman, A. Kleiman & Co.

2nd Place: Joseph Ambalu, Amba Gem Corp.

3rd Place: Joseph Ambalu, Amba Gem Corp.

Honorable Mention: Alan Hackman, Intercolor

All Other Faceted

1st Place: Hemant Phophaliya, AG Color, Inc.

2nd Place: Mikola Kukharuk, Nomad’s

3rd Place: Mikola Kukharuk, Nomad’s

Honorable Mention: Mikola Kukharuk, Nomad’s

Phenomenal Gemstones

1st Place: Robert Shapiro, Robert Shapiro

Pairs and Suites

1st Place: Dalan Hargrave, Dust Devil Mining

2nd Place: Mikola Kukharuk, Nomad’s

3rd Place: Hemant Phophaliya, A G Color, Inc.

Honorable Mention: Allen Kleiman, A. Kleiman & Co.

Innovative Faceting:

1st Place: John Dyer, John Dyer & Co.

2nd Place: John Dyer, John Dyer & Co.

3rd Place: John Dyer, John Dyer & Co.


1st Place: Naomi Sarna, Naomi Sarna Designs

2nd Place: Bernie Benavidez, Master Jewelers

3rd Place: Darryl Alexander, Nirinjan

Objects of Art

1st Place: Robyn Dufty, DuftyWeis Opals, Inc.

2nd Place: Darryl Alexander, Somewhere In The Rainbow

3rd Place: Alishan Halebian, Alishan

Honorable Mention: Adam Ramseyer, Ramstar Designs


  1. Meiko Lucas 8 years Reply

    My vote goes to pastel spinel bracelet by Maria Canale. Marie did well by letting gems outshine the rest of the jewelry, not only that remaining beautifully carved portion is only accentuating the beauty and glamour of the jewelry. This is one of those rare pieces where every component seems to be collaborating with the other to create an outstanding jewelry.

  2. Avianti Jewelry 9 years Reply

    The setting on the ring at the top is incredibly done! LOVE

  3. Cheryl Kremkow 9 years Reply

    Isn’t the magic word always “Paraiba”? 😉

  4. Amy Roseveare 9 years Reply

    Those are truly amazing designs–thanks for sharing!

  5. Becky 9 years Reply

    I’m in love with the Anemone earrings too. It really seemed like the magic word this year was “Paraiba,” no?

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