Kamala Harris Loves Pearls

August 12, 2020 Cheryl Kremkow Celebrity Jewelry Tags: , , 10 Comments

Vice-Presidential candidate Kamala Harris has a clear policy on jewelry: pearls, pearls and more pearls. The senator from California has an enviable wardrobe of pearl necklaces and earrings which she wears repeatedly for public appearances and official portraits. It’s great to see a powerful woman wearing jewelry she owns over and over again as her signature. It’s so different from celebrities who borrow new looks for every appearance, don’t you think?

She’s not alone in this of course: pearls are the most popular jewelry choice for many well-dressed politicians, including Nancy Pelosi, who often wears power pearls: a multicolor Tahitian cultured pearl necklaces and a South Sea Cultured Pearl necklace I wrote about in 2007 when she was elected speaker of the house.

Pelosi’s high-profile pearls boosted sales across the country at the time. Perhaps Kamala’s pearl predilection will have a similar effect?

It’s clear that many women will find something they like in her pearl wardrobe, with single and double strands, tin cups and button earrings, freshwater, South Seas and Tahitian. Her necklace above is by California jewelry designer Irene Neuwirth.

Here are the three best Kamala Harris pearl looks.

Kamala Harris wears a double strand of pearls

The classic double strand of Akoya cultured  pearls and framed mabe pearl button earrings Senator Harris wore for her official Senate portrait are classic and traditional, very portrait ready. This go-to pearl look also adds polish to a visit to an oil spill cleanup.

Kamala Harris Oil spill visit in pearls

The senator’s second-favorite pearl look is a single strand of Tahitian cultured pearls with matching stud earrings. It’s polished and professional and more businesswoman than politician. She often wears this combination for television appearances.

Kamala Harris wears Tahitian pearls on Good Morning America

Her third pearl option is a double strand tin cup necklace by designer Irene Neuwirth. She wore this during the debate when she attacked Joe Biden on his school busing record, so Maya Rudolph wears a similar style in her appearances as Harris on Saturday Night Live. The pearls are two different sizes and the chain is substantial. She often wears this necklace with her framed made pearl earrings.

Kamala Harris wears a pearl tin cup necklace

She likes this necklace silhouette. Her one notable non-pearl necklace is also a tin cup style: a station necklace with blue chalcedony and brushed gold beads that looks like a Marco Bicego style. (And check out that trendy stretchy gold bead bracelet.)

Kamala Harris wears a Marco bicego style necklace

I’m guessing the pearl tin cup, with its fashionable heavy chain, is the style most likely to spark a trend. Which of Kamala’s necklaces is your favorite?





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  2. Eva Shine 1 year Reply

    This is great 👍

  3. Bhagyaratnam 2 years Reply

    Cheryl Kremkow, great article. Yes, pearls are a trendy jewelry choice for many renowned politicians. Tahitian cultured pearls I would say, I liked the most from Kamala’s necklaces.

  4. Kumkum das 2 years Reply

    I am proud on Kamala Harris as an INDIAN. Your typing style of blog is very technical .I love it..

  5. David Porter Jewelry 3 years Reply

    Pearl jewelry looks great on her. 🙂
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  6. Amit 3 years Reply

    Awesome Pics of Pearls.

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  8. Terri Weiss 3 years Reply

    She’s wearing bicego lumeria necklace. Mother of pearl and gold. Neimans and Saks has it Last photo.

  9. Zevar King 3 years Reply

    Nice Article from Kamla Thanks Cheryl Kremkow

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