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May 21, 2019 Cheryl Kremkow Jewelry Trends Tags: , , , , , , 16 Comments

Hoops are the most important earring silhouette right now. But what looks especially fresh are hoops that play with the negative space in the center of the circle, filling it with gems, metal, designs or a combination of the two. It allows a classic to become something entirely new.

I’ve been noticing spectacular examples for about a year now and the trend shows no sign of slowing. here are a few of my favorite hoops with a stylish filling in the center.

Noor Fares hoop earrings
Noor Fares rainbow hoops with rock crystal quartz in the center.


Stephen Webster Vertigo Hoops with a cameo center. Photo by @kremkow
Stephen Webster Vertigo Hoops with a cameo center


Monaka Jewelry carved gemstone hoops


Kika Alvarenga carved quartz hoops


Jacqueline Cullen gray agate hoops. Photo by @kremkow
Jacqueline Cullen gray agate hoops


Januka Lapis Slice Hoops


Sorellina Guitar Pick Earrings, photo by @kremkow
Sorellina Guitar Pick Earrings


Arunashi Titanium and mother-of-pearl hoops, photo by @kremkow
Arunashi Titanium and mother-of-pearl hoops


Luana Coonen Jewelry heart hoops and gold leaf in resin hoops, photo by @kremkow
Luana Coonen Jewelry heart hoops and gold leaf in resin hoops


Pamela Love Malachite Hoops
Pamela Love Mohave Hoops in Malachite


Fernando Jorge Surround Hoops in lapis and diamond
Fernando Jorge Surround Hoops in lapis and diamond



Nikos Koulis pearl and diamond hoops


Dan-Yell Lua Hoops


Nada G sapphire and tsavorite hoops
Nada G sapphire and tsavorite hoops



Loewe leather stitched hoops


Hannah Keefe solid chain hoops


Cyril Studio Orbital Drops, photo by @kremkow
Cyril Studio Orbital Drops


Dean Davidson Nomad Hoops


  1. Zadok Jewelers 8 months Reply

    Great stuff on hoop earrings! Such an amazing collection! It’s so cool and classy.

  2. Shalini Sharma 3 years Reply

    Such a wonderful article..too good.

  3. Divine Box 3 years Reply

    These designer hoops looks so pretty and designs are so adorable.

  4. Jane 3 years Reply

    I love all of these hoops but I can’t help but wonder about the weight of a few that are filled with stones and or metal. Great report, thank you.

    • Cheryl Kremkow 3 years Reply

      I wear the Cyril Studio hoops all the time and they are very comfortable!

  5. David 4 years Reply

    Wow gorgeous and trendy designs, love them.

    David Onyeaso

  6. Mangatrai Neeraj 4 years Reply

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  7. Cecilie Larsen 4 years Reply

    Love all the visual material in this post. I’m absolutely in love with the carved gemstone hoops from Monaka!

  8. Nance Leikhim 4 years Reply

    Love seeing new looks.

  9. Mistique Heenan 4 years Reply

    Very beautiful jewelry.

  10. Leo mazzotti 4 years Reply

    The collections are amazing! So classy and cool. Keep up the great work!!

  11. Pritpal 4 years Reply

    Wow, such exquisite designs and good visual treat.

  12. eyeonjewels 4 years Reply

    All these hoop earrings are stunning and these are also in trend. I love your collection and post.

  13. eyeonjewels 4 years Reply

    Wow! your style and collection of hoops is amazing. Thanks for sharing this post.

  14. govind soni 4 years Reply

    These are all design very well thanks for this . I like your design and your explain .

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