Spectrum Award Earrings to Covet

November 4, 2014 Cheryl Kremkow Jewelry Design 7 Comments

Earrings are the best category of the annual American Gem Trade Association Spectrum Awards. Lavishly bejeweled dangles galore! I’ve already shown you the best of the 2015 Spectrum Award winning jewelry.  Here are ten fabulous pairs of earrings that did not win one of the top awards but deserve to be celebrated anyway.

The images here that I took with my phone at the Spectrum viewing don’t really do these designs justice. If I can get better photos in the future, I’ll definitely post and pin them to my epic earring board on Pinterest.

Sometime This Spring fire opal earrings by Gregore Morin of Gregore Joailliers

The Sometime This Spring fire opal earrings by Gregore Morin of Gregore Joailliers are breathtaking in person: the vivid color of the 68.88 carats of fire opal and muscular sweeping curve gives them a dangerous girl-on-fire edge.  They actually won the Spectrum Editor’s Choice Award, which is voted on by all the editors and bloggers who attend the viewing each year. They got my vote.

Earrings by Mociun

These earrings are only one of many fabulous entries by Caitlin Mociun of Mociun. They are positively planetary. The colors are amazing, aren’t they? The gems are quartz, sunstone, ruby, and sapphire.

Bumble bee jasper, black diamond and citrine earrings by Colette Jewelry, photo by Cheryl Kremkow.

I love the colors and pattern of the bumble bee jasper in these dramatic earrings by Colette Steckle of Colette Jewelry. Citrine, black diamonds, and blackened 18k gold complete the design.


Diamond slice earrings by Michael Endlich

Did you ever weave a God’s Eye at summer camp?  These diamond slice earrings by Michael Endlich are like the world’s most glamorous version.  The slices are 7.07 carats.  These earrings won third place in the Bridal category of Spectrum.

Moonstone, fire opal, and garnet earrings designed by Yehouda Saketkhou of Yael Designs. Photo by Cheryl Kremkow.

You know how much I love moonstones, so of course I love these earrings designed by Yehouda Saketkhou of Yael Designs.  The vivid fire opal and spessartite accents are the perfect way to bring out the color.

Earrings by Caroline Palermo Shulze

I like the way these earrings by Caroline Palermo Schulze of CPS Jewels evoke a mobile. The unusually cut and pierced gems are tourmaline, aquamarine, citrine, and chalcedony.

earrings by Pamela From an in palladium, moonstone, and diamond

You might recognize these earrings as the work of Pamela Froman, with her distinctive shapes and “crushed” texture.  They are palladium and moonstone with almost three carats of diamonds.

Earrings by Erica Courtney

These opal briolette earrings by Erica Courtney won second place in the Evening Wear category.  The opals are pretty spectacular, aren’t they?  Love that one diamond briolette, on the side.

Sinel and diamond earrings by Bella Campbell of the Campbellian Collection

These earrings by Bella Campbell of the Campbellian Collection feature blue, pink, and red spinels. The asymmetry makes them much better (and emphasizes just how rare these spectacular gems are.)

Earrings by Babette Shennan

These tourmaline and platinum petal earrings by Babette Shennan are a nice take on the flower earring trend. The stem extends nicely a bit up the ear.

Spectrum Award winning earrings by Dierdre Featherstone of Featherstone Designs

In closing, a shout out to these Spectrum Award winning earrings by Dierdre Featherstone of Featherstone Design because you don’t mind seeing them again, right?  Of course not.


  1. Shipgig 5 years Reply

    Great and Unique collection of earrings.

  2. Emily Ava 6 years Reply

    Thanks for sharing, really they are very beautiful earrings.

  3. Terry Williams 6 years Reply

    Gregore Morin’s fire opal earrings are truly inspiring Gregore and Jennifer-Rabe Morin have changed their website to http://www.gregoreandjennifer-rabe.com thanks for the great post.

  4. avantika arora 8 years Reply

    Just love Dierdre Featherstone’s earrings these are fabulous earrings, seems like Featherstone has creatively designed these earrings can try of other creative designers from http://www.voylla.com/

  5. Clare 9 years Reply

    Gregore Morin’s earrings are THE most beautiful of the entries! Wow, what a treat to see these pieces of art!!!

  6. Amy Roseveare 9 years Reply

    I’m in complete jewelry lust for those Michael Endlich diamond slice earrings!!

  7. Charlie Thym 9 years Reply

    Thanks for posting the earring pictures. Very inspirational. Opal briolettes love them.

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