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May 16, 2016 Cheryl Kremkow Jewelry Trends Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , 6 Comments

Although chokers are getting all the press, a much stronger and wider jewelry trend is the collar necklace. What’s the difference? Although the lines blur, I’m going to draw them between a necklace that wraps the neck like a ribbon and a necklace that rings it, resting on the shoulder. Collars are much more wearable than chokers, lovely to layer with other necklaces (lariats in particular for those on top of all the trends.) And collars with space in front, let’s call them open collars, are part of the overall trend for open rings and open cuff bracelets. So as jewelry week approaches, let’s celebrate the collar necklace and raise our hopes for lots of new designs. In the meantime, here are some of my favorite collars. Many combine the sleek geometry inherent in the collar shape with a bit of organic chaos that feels fresh and very of the moment.

Multicolor Mirian Necklace by Ana Khouri
Crushing on this colorful collar by Ana Khouri, with gems encrusted like barnacles on a sleek neck wire
Collar by Nada G
This collar by Nada G also is an interesting blend of geometric and bohemian with unexpectedly organic sapphire pave
Collar by Jill Hoffmeister at Roseark
Diamonds like bubbles on a blackened silver collar by Jill Hoffmeister at Roseark
Maison Margiela Collar at Barneys
Mobius strip of twisted wire in an elegant collar by Maison Margiela Fine Jewelry


Collar by Sharon Khazzam
An elegant scrolling line in diamonds by Sharon Khazzam
Collar by Colette
The Coral Collar by Colette also has the organic-meets-sleek-geometry vibe
Melting Ice Collar by Madstone
Love the Melting Ice Collar by Madstone
Collar by Meredith Kahn at Memo Fine jewelry
Simply perfect: the Golden Thread Collar by Meredith Kahn at Memo


Pamela Love's Selenite choker is a crystal on a wire: chic primitivism.
Pamela Love’s Selenite choker is a crystal on a wire: chic primitivism
Collar by Lynn Ban
Elegantly twisted loveliness by Lynn Ban
Collar by Efva Attling
Collar with Herkimer quartz crystals by Efva Attling
Collar necklace by Ana Katarina
Lovely lotus shapes in an open collar by Ana Katarina


Collar by Stephen Webster
Magnificent Magnipheasant Plumage Collar by Stephen Webster
Collar by Marli
Syncopated geometry in diamonds by Marli
Collar by Pasquale Bruni
Lovely leafy collar by Pasquale Bruni


Like drops of honey: open collar by Antonio Bernardo
Like drops of honey: open collar by Antonio Bernardo
Fireworks collar by Suzanne Kalan
I love all of the Fireworks Collection by Suzanne Kalan: this collar is no exception




  1. Micheal 6 years Reply

    These are lovely necklaces especially the purple one

  2. Elisabeth Austin 6 years Reply

    So many of these I love.

  3. Jason 6 years Reply

    Great collection of collar necklaces. Are these necklace all fine jewelry made of precious gems?

    • Cheryl Kremkow 6 years Reply

      Yes, Jason, they are all precious metals and gems.

  4. Rick 7 years Reply

    I agree what you say that the collar necklace is a much stronger and wider jewelry trend. Our of all the collar necklaces you pictured, I like the Magnificent magnipheasant plumage collar by Stephen Webster! Blue has always been my favorite color, I am a sucker for it. I especially the feather like design, at least that is what it looks like to me.

  5. Amit 7 years Reply

    Awesome Designs .. Especially the Lovely leafy collar by Pasquale Bruni.
    Collar Necklaces are the New In thing . Awesome Post

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