Gem Safari at Ralph Lauren

September 11, 2014 Cheryl Kremkow Jewelry Trends Tags: , , 2 Comments

Ralph Lauren Spring 2015

Military uniforms have been an important influence in the collections for Spring 2015. So has Asia. Ralph Lauren combined the two, with khaki safari wear and jumpsuits and brilliant sari-like silks. The crowning touch on the Passage-to-India vibe were brilliantly colored lavish jewels that were worthy of a maharajah. The shiny textures and beading combined with the casual army drab colors were striking. I just loved the combination of the neutral palette and the rainbow of gems. (There were some cool gold-washed bags as well.) What do you think? Is the overall effect too costume party with costume jewels?  I am not sure if the jewelry was faux or fine (Ralph has a new fine jewelry line so it could be real.) But it will inspire me to combine more gem colors more often.  How about you?

Ralph Lauren Spring 2015Ralph Lauren Spring 2015Ralph Lauren Spring 2015Ralph-Lauren-5Ralph Lauren Spring 2015Ralph Lauren Spring 2015


  1. Meiko Lucas 8 years Reply

    Liked the photograph at the bottom, Khakhi top, very stylish, feminine and sari like fabric tied up at the bottom like sarong with beautiful gems woven all over.

  2. Marla Aaron 9 years Reply

    I absolutely loved the contrast. It’s a very modern way to wear “extraordinary” gemstones. This of course is assuming that they were real. I wouldn’t like it as much if it was paste:)

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