The 15 Best Ways to Wear a Snake

March 7, 2013 Cheryl Kremkow Jewelry Trends Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , 6 Comments
Articulated snake necklace in diamonds and enamel that Cartier created for actress Maria Felix in 1968

2013 is the year of the snake in the lunar astrological calendar. People born in the year of the snake appreciate beauty and enjoy fashion. It’s a feminine sign, associated with luxury and style.

The snake is also one of the most enduring inspiration for jewelry, from Cleopatra’s bangle to Queen Victoria’s engagement ring, a symbol of eternal love and eternal life.

Today snake jewelry is as fashionable as ever, with snaky styles by Lorraine Schwartz, Stephen Webster, Bulgari, Boucheron, and Neil Lane. Zoe Saldana wore a snake ring to the Oscars, Rhianna and Alicia Keys were adorned with snake styles at the Grammys, and Julianne Moore wore a Bulgari snake bracelet to the Golden Globes.

The year of the snake is a year of fabulous fashionable serpent jewelry. In celebration, here are my fifteen favorite snake jewels.

See even more inspired serpent styles on my Year of the Snake board on Pinterest.

Dramatic Kasumiga Pearl Earrings by Lydia Courteille

Sinuous Boucheron Snake Necklace in Sapphire
Temptation of Eve Ring by Stephen Webster
Spectacular Cartier Eternity Emerald Necklace
Greek Snake Arm Band from 2 AD
Baroque pearl and diamond brooch by Assael
Victorian Turquoise Snake Bangle with Ruby Eyes, circa 1850
Betteridge Collection Snake Bracelet
Serpent's Nest Ring by Wendy Yue
Serpent's Nest Ring by Wendy Yue
Serpent Ring by Wallace Chan
Snake Brooch by Theo Fennell
Art Nouveau Snake Corsage by Rene Lalique
Cleopatra's Iconic Gold Snake Arm Band
Roman Rings from 1 AD: as stylish now as they were then


  1. Robin 10 years Reply

    Love this post Cheryl, especially the theo fennell snake – stunning! Maybe you could do a similar article on other reptiles? Lizards and dragonflies seem very popular at the moment. Keep it coming!

  2. Sophie 10 years Reply

    Very exquisite and eclectic, already pinned!

  3. Amanda 10 years Reply

    This’s an amazing collection for snake jewelry. I really love “Spectacular Cartier Eternity Emerald Necklace”. Just wondered how designer had wonderfull ideas for this.
    Cheryl Robertson Jewelry

  4. Melanie 10 years Reply

    This is such an interesting post on snake jewelry. Love the turquoise snake bangle, very pretty. I’m so happy that the it’s the year of the snake so I can sport my snake bangle I found in my grandma’s jewelry box.

  5. Robyn Hawk 10 years Reply

    O.M.G. – each one is more amazing than the last – you win Best Snake Jewelry post on the internet!!!


    • Cheryl Kremkow 10 years Reply

      Thanks Robyn! Which is your favorite? The Maria Felix necklace is the most impressive because of the articulation (and it’s life size, which is awesome.) But I’d most love to own the two thousand year old Roman rings.

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