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May 15, 2017 Cheryl Kremkow Jewelry Design Tags: , , , 9 Comments

The TEFAF art fair, famous for its annual event in Maastricht in March, just completed its second show in New York, from May 4-8 at the Park Avenue Armory. This edition of the fair had fewer jewelry exhibitors than the first fair in New York in October 2016: just Simon Teakle, Reza and Didier, a specialist in artist’s jewelry. It was still worth a visit for the gem obsessed, thanks to these five spectacular jewels.

 JAR Fibula Broock at Simon Teakle, photo by Cheryl Kremkow

JAR Brooch at Simon Teakle

This fibula brooch is classic JAR: unusual color, dramatic scale, and meticulous craftsmanship. Tourmalines, garnets, emeralds and diamonds form five articulated crosses. The end of the fibula is pave tourmaline, diamond, and emerald. The pin is almost five inches long: let’s just say it makes a statement.


JAR Star Sapphire Earrings, photo by Cheryl Kremkow.

JAR Star Sapphire Earrings at Simon Teakle

These bombe earrings designed by the legendary Joel Arthur Rosenthal are set with a whole galaxy of star sapphires as well as diamonds. The date is 1991.


Ruby and Diamond Earrings by Reza, photo by Cheryl Kremkow

Ruby and Diamond Earrings at Reza

The gems on these magical earrings seem to float with barely any metal showing. Best of all, they are completely flexible and move with you. The ruby beads are Burmese with exceptional color and clarity.


Arts & Crafts Double Clip Brooch, 1910, at Simon Teakle. Photo by Cheryl Kremkow.

Arts & Crafts Dress Clip at Simon Teakle

This clever double clip brooch looks so modern. The opal flowers and foliage, the split design that allows you to wear the two halves separately or together, and the bold scale (it’s 4.5 inches across) make this a really special piece. It’s hard to believe it’s from 1910.


Oscar Heyman sapphire bracelet at Simon Teakle, photo by Cheryl Kremkow

Oscar Heyman Suite at Simon Teakle

This bracelet and its matching necklace have beautifully geometric sapphire petals. It gives them a cubist look I find more interesting than classical flowers. Some have diamond centers and other have emeralds. The necklace has 14 flowers and the bracelet has six.


  1. Patricia Santangelo 4 years Reply

    I love those star sapphire earrings. A shame the jeweler/designer does not make these priced for public consumption!!

  2. Melissa Spencer Gessner 6 years Reply

    The JAR brooch at Simon Teakle is awe-inspiring, and so regal! How magnificent to imagine wearing it for a day! Thank you for sharing a glimpse of these outstanding jewels.

    • Cheryl Kremkow 6 years Reply

      Regal is the perfect word Melissa! I can imagine Queen Victoria pinning it to her bodice among her ropes of pearls.

  3. Judi 6 years Reply

    Those JAR earrings grabbed my attention and it was the Arts and Crafts dress clip that made me giddy. These are all such wonderful pieces and I’m so happy you shared them with us.

    • Cheryl Kremkow 6 years Reply

      I can imagine you wearing that dress clip Judi: you could definitely pull it off!

  4. Cheryl Kremkow 6 years Reply

    Thank you Marla! I was really nervous photographing the JAR. I can’t believe they let me play with it!

  5. Marla Aaron 6 years Reply

    All of these pieces are extraordinary. Thank you. What interests you is always so spectacular yet uncommon. 🙂

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