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September 18, 2017 Cheryl Kremkow Celebrity Jewelry Tags: , , , , , , , 4 Comments

It was a good night for earrings on the red carpet of the 2017 Emmy Awards. Even better, many of them are styles that easily make the transition from red carpet to real life. All the best earring trend are represented, from climbers to mismatched styles to long drops.

What struck me most about the jewelry this year is that there were plenty of actresses wearing jewelry designers that you don’t usually see on the red carpet (although Lorraine Schwartz, Tiffany & Co, Forevermark, and the other usual suspects were definitely still a presence.) Fernando Jorge, Nikos Koulis, Buccellati, Irene Neuwirth, and David Webb had some great jewelry placements this year.

Here are my ten favorite jewelry pieces of the night.

Jane Fonda wears a Gismondi 1754 necklace and earrings to the 2017 Emmy Awards

Jane Fonda in Gismondi 1754

I must confess I had never even heard of Gismondi 1754 before this amazing emerald backlace. (FYI: Massimo Gismondi, who founded the company in 1971 is a descendant of Genoa goldsmith Gio Batta Gismondi who was born in 1754.)  This look has everything: bold color contrast, vivid gems, eye catching design, a styling twist (making such a formal style a backlace) and a cool ponytail and bangs combo keeping it all looking playful instead of formal.  This is what red carpet jewelry should be!


Guru Mbatha Raw wears Fernando Jorge jewelry to the 2017 Emmy Awards

Guru Mbatha-Raw in Fernando Jorge

First of all, I’m a huge fan of Fernando Jorge’s designs in general, aren’t you? How great is it that Gugu isn’t wearing the new diamond Brilliant Collection but carved gems from the Fluid Collection, pretty much the opposite of bling. The color here works perfectly with her iridescent mermaid dress and her skin.  This is what cool young actresses should be wearing, not million-dollar diamonds.

Kiernan Shipka wears Irene Neuwirth Earrings to the 2017 Emmy Awards

Kiernan Shipka in Irene Neuwirth

Actually I’m guessing that these earrings are by Irene Neuwirth: she hasn’t posted them on her Instagram yet and I don’t have a confirmation.  But Irene has a great collection of single gemstone earrings like this and Kieran has worn her jewelry in the past so I think it’s a pretty good guess. These earrings are simple but striking and the perfect choice: the mismatched color and silhouette keep the sparkly princess dress from looking too sweet.


Gabrielle Union wears a Buccellati necklace to the 2017 Emmys

Gabrielle Union in Buccellati

I’m sure this necklace is even more beautiful in person. It lights up Gabrielle’s face in a lovely way. I really like the way she layered a scalloped design over lace. It could have been too much but the curves somehow really work together.


Debra Messing wears David Webb jewelry to the 2017 Emmy Awards

Debra Messing in David Webb

Debra really knows and collects jewelry (as you know if you follow her on Instagram like I do!)  She’s a big fan of David Webb so I like to imagine that she picked out this sweet jewelry suite and then found a dress to wear with it.


Thandie Newton in mismatched earrings by Fred Leighton

Thandie Newton in Fred Leighton

These earrings are similar to the vintage look that Thandie wore in the last season of Westworld with a cool modern twist: they are mismatched. It’s like a secret clue that her character on the show has evolved into an independent woman. She’s wearing two earrings on her left ear and one longer one on the right. The fact that they are all darkened metal with diamonds keeps them all together beautifully.


Keri Russell wears earrings by Nikos Koulis at the 2017 Emmys

Keri Russell in Nikos Koulis

This really isn’t a very good photo of Keri but I’m leaving her on the list because she consistently wears good jewelry. (At the Emmys last year she wore Fernando Jorge earrings and a body chain.)  These earrings are great too.


Ellie Kemper wears Lorraine Schwartz earrings to the 2017 Emmy Awards

Ellie Kemper in Lorraine Schwartz

Another great example of intricate jewelry pairing well with an intricate dress: Ellie looks radiant in these berry-toned earrings by Lorraine Schwartz.


Elisabeth Moss wears Forevermark by Karla Weich

Elisabeth Moss in Forevermark by Karla Welch

To anyone considering wearing a plain pair of diamond studs to an award show, I give you proof that there’s a better way. These front back stuff are totally simple but 100% cooler. Stylist Karla Welch obviously needs to design more jewelry.


Oprah wears Nikos Koulis Earrings to the 2017 Emmys

Oprah in Nikos Koulis

Oprah can obviously wear whatever she wants. So it’s especially impressive that she chose these edgy earrings by designer Nikos Koulis to wear with her black and white tuxedo. Thank you, Oprah, thank you.





  1. Sharon Stromley 3 years Reply

    Gems, to me, represent a moment in time encapsulated in a jewel. The muted, subtle glow of pearls, the flash of gemstones, all speak of celebration, a party, a step out of the oh-so-daily
    worry of what is happening around me and stepping into a world of color, brilliance, joi d’vive! Thanks to the stylists, jewelry designers and the people who have the taste and yes, courage to share such
    beauty with us. Bravo!

  2. Bianca 6 years Reply

    Ellie is sporting some vibrant colors there. the earings are a perfect pair and look stunning with that dress.



  3. Lisa 6 years Reply

    All the gems were beautiful! Please keep up the good work.


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