The Best 2019 Golden Globes Jewelry

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It was a good year for jewelry on the Golden Globes red carpet. After last year’s restraint, with most actresses wearing black, the 2019 awards season opened with lots of color and volume in the gowns and statement jewelry, especially necklaces.

There were a few noticeable jewelry trends that we may see more of as the season continues.  Chokers made a comeback, with KiKi Layne in a Bulgari choker, Yvonne Strahovski in a dimensional fractal diamond blossom choker by Lorraine Schwarz, and Constance Wu in a Messika diamond choker.

Yvonne Strahovski wears a choker necklace by Lorraine Schwartz to the 2019 Golden Globe Awards

The top colored gemstone trend was emerald: Saoirse Ronan wearing Chopard emerald chadeliers, Catherine Zeta Jones Wearing Lorraine Schwartz emerald earrings, and Jodie Comer in Nikos Koulis diaond and emerald mismatched earrings. Michelle Yeoh wore her own emerald ring, which has a starring role in Crazy Rich Asians, and Heidi Klum was wearing her new emerald engagement ring from fiancé Tom Kaulitz.

Many of the best statement diamond statement necklaces have a fringed Cleopatra silhouette including Elisabeth Moss in a necklace from Neil Lane, Lady Gaga in Tiffany & Co, and Taraji P Henson in Roberto Coin.

But my five favorite 2019 Golden Globe jewelry looks stood out from the trends with modern signature stye. Here are my picks for the best Golden Globe jewelry styles

Taylor Swift wears earrings by Lorraine Schwartz to the 2019 Golden Globe Awards

Taylor Swift Wearing Lorraine Schwartz

She didn’t walk the red carpet but Taylor Swift won best earrings for her black framed diamond earrings by Lorraine Schwartz with breathtaking emerald-cut diamond drops.

Allison Janney wears a necklace by David Webb Jewels to the 2019 Golden Globe Awards

Alison Janney Wearing David Webb

In the most colorful jewelry look of the night Alison Janney paired a turquoise gown with a technicolor statement necklace by David Webb.

Debra Messing wears SABBA earrings to the 2019 Golden Globe Awards

Debra Messing Wearing SABBA

Debra Messing knows jewelry: she’s an avid connoisseur and Instagram commenter who hosted the Gem awards. So it’s not surprising her jewelry at the globes was spectactuar too: swirled dimensional titanium earrings by SABBA jewels. (You might know SABBA from the FD Gallery Instagram account.)

Amber Heard wears earrings by multiple jewelry designers to the 2019 Golden Globes

Amber Heard in Amwaj, Hanut Singh, Marli New York, and Marco Bicego

In a show full of sponsored jewelry brand moments, Amber Heard’s jumble of layered earrings by a mix of jewelry designers was refreshing expression of personal taste.

Billy Porter wears pins by Oscar Heyman to the 2019 Golden Globe Awards

Billy Porter in Oscar Heyman

Billy Porter broke the tuxedo mold in embroidered flowers and a pink-lined cape. He had the best male jewelry look of the night with three floral brooches by Oscar Heyman on his lapel that flawlessly completed his ensemble.



  1. Priya Sharma 7 months Reply

    These pieces of jewelry worn by these celebrities are truly amazing! I think that these were the best pieces of jewelry available and they perfectly match the looks and the personality of these celebrities. This was truly one of the best articles on jewelry that I have ever come across. Thank you.

  2. Emma 1 year Reply

    It’s fascinating to see how creative designer jewelry is, especially when you see what Lady Gaga can wear!

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  4. Shalini Sharma 3 years Reply

    Such informative article..really well done…keep it up my friend.

  5. Urwashee Saxena 3 years Reply

    Interesting blog, its hard to find something so reliable in today’s time. And it’s amazing to read about these famous celebs and their jewelry interest.

  6. Tasha Rolka 3 years Reply

    Very unique 🙂

  7. Cathy Wang 4 years Reply

    The Golden Globes kick-off the Awards Season and set the jewelry tone for the months to come of events celebrating the best movies of last year. After earrings ruling the red carpet for eons, there were more necklaces than we have seen in a long while. stunning diamond necklaces, enormous statement earrings, and stacks of bejeweled bangles but I liked Billy Porters lapel pins most. Billy was a show stopper

  8. Daniel Clare 4 years Reply

    Hi, Thanks for this amazing blog . It’s good to see different types of jewelry wearing by great personalities. Taylor Swift won best earrings for her black framed diamond earrings with breathtaking emerald-cut diamond drops. She looks gorgeous in earrings.

  9. Michelle 4 years Reply

    Those Art-Deco style earrings that Taylor Swift was not-talked-about enough! I’m so glad that you mentioned them. Great catch! Like usual, great article!

  10. Anny 4 years Reply

    That’s a very fascinating and eye-catching blog for a jewelry obsessed person like me. Cool designs are on trend this year love to follow.

  11. Maaike Out 4 years Reply

    It’s really great to see so many amazing pieces out and about.
    Pretty cool as well to see man wearing jewelry. There are some cool and collected items fro men to wear everyday. Lapel pins, brooches on scarves, cuff links… easy and beautiful items. Great job Billy Porter!

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  15. Silver Chains 4 years Reply

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  17. Paul 4 years Reply

    Billy Porters lapel pins look great, I think the lapel pin is proving more popular lately in mens jewellery… thankfully

  18. Todd 4 years Reply

    Love Billy Porter in Oscar Heyman flower brooches. They not only perfectly balance and compliment the embroidered design of his shirt and jacket in color and size, but also make his outfit personal and his. Very bold, brave and well executed. Classic Oscar jewelry worn with a new twist. So cool!

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