Cate Blanchett: Cool in White

August 7, 2009 Cheryl Kremkow Celebrity Jewelry Tags: , , , 0 Comments
Cate Blanchett wears the gemstone statement necklace
Cate Blanchett wears the gemstone statement necklace

With bling oh-so-over, adornment for the red carpet is a bit more difficult. I mean, just a year ago, all a celebrity needed to do to nail it was to don some diamond chandelier earrings and a million-dollar armful of diamond bracelets. But how does one look well-dressed and suitably star-like yet at the same time ostentatiously non-ostentatious? Cate Blanchett might have the answer here: a yellow gold and gemstone bib necklace. The yellow gold makes the necklace a bit more casual, the white of the agate beads keep it summery, and the silhouette is strong enough to stand up to the bold color of her dress.  Even the Fug Girls liked this look. Loose locks, the relaxed fit of the dress, and the dangling beads of the necklace combine to make it a tad bohemian, which makes it less serious but definitely not less glamorous. A strong statement necklace worn alone seems to be the perfect answer to the dress-down dress-up dilemma.

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