2013 Emmy Awards Go Green

September 23, 2013 Cheryl Kremkow Celebrity Jewelry Tags: , , , , , , , , 1 Comment

It looked a lot like Christmas on the Emmy red carpet, with emerald green gowns and jewels. Emeralds were the top gem trend of the night. You can blame Lorraine Schwartz, who created most of the eye-popping emerald jewelry on display.

The biggest statement necklace of the night was worn by Maria Menounos. Lorraine Schwartz. The emerald chandeliers and ring on Christina Hendricks?  Ditto. The jumbo emeralds on Sofia Vergara’s ears and finger? Yup. Sarah Hyland’s triple-emerald earrings and bracelet. Uh-huh.

OK, the demantoid salamander crawling up the back of Anna Faris is 19th century, courtesy of Fred Leighton. And Mayim Bialik’s emerald ring is by Takat and her green onyx earrings are Bellarri. So it wasn’t a one-woman emerald invasion. But if you love the wearing of the green, you know who to look for at Oscar time.

Christina Hendricks and Maria Menounos in Lorraine Schwartz jewelry
Christina Hendricks and Maria Menounos in Lorraine Schwartz emerald jewelry at the 2013 Emmy Awards.
Sarah Hyland, Anna Faris, Sofia Vergara, and Mayim Bialik wearing green gems at the 2013 Emmy Awards.
Sofia Vergara and Sarah Hyland wearing emerald jewelry by Lorraine Schwartz to the 2013 Emmy Awards.
Mayim Bialik tries on Bellarri earrings and Takat ring at StyleLab in preparation for the 2013 Emmys.

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    Well….. Some of them wore “green” very well!

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